Tuesday, 30 March 2010

invested, entered, listened

  • invested in a keyboard to attach to my laptop so no more frustrations with the hoovered letter 'e' (see here)
  • listened to (and saw with my eyes) Kate Atkinson speak about her books and her writing techniques at a literary festival event last week. She was really refreshing, a little blunt - which I liked - and confident about what she does. I felt reassured by her honesty and my favourite bit of the night was when an audience member (also a novelist) said that when she wrote her book she found her characters came to life and started doing and saying unexpected things. Kate Atkinson's response was pretty much that she was not one of those writers who gets possessed by their characters, and she seemed a bit dismayed by the idea that characters can do that when she's made them up. That's why I found her refreshing; no mysticism, just good writing.

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