Tuesday, 16 February 2010

some things

1. Tomlit Vol.2 came out a month ago and I didn't blog about it. This is bad behaviour for the Fiction Advisor (I'm very proud of that, check out the contents page). You can read it below, or visit the website, or the blog. The best thing you could do is read it, and if you like it, tell someone else about it. If you're a writer you could even send us a story, or a poem, for the next issue,Vol.3 which will be out in a couple of months.

2. Excitingly (is that a word?) 100 Stories for Haiti has a publication date: March 4th. You can order the paperback in advance, follow this link for the official website. Here's the front cover - if you look to the top right, above the logo, next to 'Greg McQueen' you'll see the first 5 letters of my name. Oh yeah, I'm in there.

The book costs £11.99 plus p&p. If you buy it direct from Bridge House Publishing, 60% of that cover price will go to helping the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

3. Yesterday I felt the happiest and most rested I have in a while. Nothing big happened, just a lie in, a matinee at the cinema and a pub meal. Came home and took a glass of wine plus notebook and pencil in the bath with me. Had at least 3 writing project/story ideas there - was it the wine or the relaxing day or that I wasn't really trying - not sure, but I felt connected to writing again.

4. Booked tickets to a Kate Atkinson Q&A and a Jon McGregor one too. Love Kate Atkinson, Behind the scenes at the museum is just one of my favourite books. And I'm half way through McGregor's latest novel - Even the dogs - and that's pretty inspirational too.


Alex said...

Thanks for the plug. Good to get the mag out there. I'm looking forward to that Haiti Book. There seems to be a lot of great writers in it.


Clowncar said...

yay tomlit (I'm Jeff Wood, by the way, and in Issue 3).

you write in the bath?

I'm a bit ashamed to admit I write almost exclusively via computer. so that bath thing would be a little unwieldy. not to mention dangerous.

Rachel Fenton said...

Good for you - the last time I wrote in the bath I ended up writing the longest short story I've ever written - got out of cold bath sat up half the night finishing said story - read it the next day and it's awful! But so long as something's getting written is the main thing!

Congrats re stories for Haiti!

Teresa Stenson said...

Alex - no problem, and thanks for the support with the 100 Stories book.

Jeff - I wondered if that was you. Good stuff, and congratulations. Your story has real staying power - like a good short should.
Writing in the bath - think that was the first time. Not the easiest of things to do, and I didn't take my Moleskine in case I dropped it in. And yes, please stay away from the water with your computer...

Rachel - thanks for the congratulations. You must have 'needed' to write that story. I'm always in awe of writers who can write a story all in one go, I really don't think I've ever done that. Apart from really short stories, of 100 or so words.