Friday, 19 February 2010

fish and see!

Fish - I've been longlisted for the Fish Short Story Prize, amongst 350-450 other writers - a huge number, and so my chances of making the shortlist are well, short, but I'm really happy to be on the long longlist, and will find out before the end of February if I get any further.

and see! - unknown writers do make it off the slush pile and get their first novel published for loadsamoney.


Jessica said...

Congratulations :)

Thanks for the link too

Nik Perring said...

Whoop! Congrats!

Teresa Stenson said...

Thank you - I'm really trying not to hope I get shortlisted. Have you ever heard of such a long longlist???

Clowncar said...


and thanks for the link - it gives me hope as I visualize faceless, nameless readers looking at my query letters.

Rachel Fenton said...

Weehee - brilliant - well done you! Best of luck with it - but what an achievement already :)

Teresa Stenson said...

Jeff - yeah, it's the light of hope, the one writer each year who gets through... he or she makes us feel better about the ones who haven't made it just yet. We know our chances are slim, but stories like that keep us going. Lots of luck to you.

Rachel - thank you. Yeah, I'm really happy to be on a Fish-list - I've been trying for years :)

Nik Perring said...

Fingers crossed!

It is a PROPER long list, isn't it!

EMC said...

Hi Theresa,
Congrats on the long list. I got long listed too. Was thrilled, and also secretly hoping I would get short listed. Alas not to be, but I think that means it's cos next year I'm going to win it. ;) (One can dream).

Here's to next year!

Teresa Stenson said...

Indeedy, EMC - to next year! (and congratulations to you too)