Wednesday, 16 December 2009

darn virus, and a 'coming soon'

Have been a little absent this week - my laptop got a destructive virus that I have - thankfully - managed to get rid of. I'm really bad at remembering to back my work up so had a bit of a panic, but luckily I know people who know more than I do about computers so we managed to save what I needed.

I mentionned a couple of blogs ago that I'm starting a series of guest posts by other writers on the subject of the way they write, particularly what they write with - pens, keys, paint brushes; what they write on; how this affects the work produced; how this satisfies the writer.

Here's the prompt:

Tell me how you write. The instruments you use. What you write with, what you write on. How you feel when your hand is holding a pen, or hovering over keys. Do you have different instruments for your different moods? Or for different 'types' of writing? Tell me about when the connection between your writing self and your hand is the strongest - what do you use to write with then? What kind of writing satisfies you, the deepest you, the most?

The first response will go up tomorrow from Jo Stanley who writes books, plays, articles and everything in between. And she's a female pirate. I'm sure of it.

Alex Thornber, editor of Tomlit, will share his response with us a few later, then we'll have Nik Perring along in the New Year.

If you'd like to participate, send me an email at (I know it's a hideous email address - I got it back in '99 when I was a youngling) and I'll send you some info.


Jessica said...

Oh no not a virus - there are a few nasty ones going around at the moment!

Your writing series sounds like a great idea :)

Jessica said...
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Teresa Stenson said...

Do you fancy writing a guest post, Jessica?

Jessica said...

I would love too!
(Do you have my email address?!)

Teresa Stenson said...

I do - I'll send you one right now...

Claire said...

I like to write in blood, about love and the way I feel when I do it mostly angry.