Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Catching up part 1: Lost time

Two months since my last post and two 'draft' blogs have been sitting on my dashboard waiting to be finished and published. Here's the first (I'll string this out by posting them separately):

22nd February:

This was about how I use time, or don't use time (but I guess that is still a use of time?) 

I was pissed off with myself for spending an hour before work surfing the internet (if people still say that) instead of writing, as I had set out to do. I got sucked and hooked into Facebook / Twitter / Buzzfeed quizzes to see how Northern I am (87%) what age I am according to my colour perception (18) what my name would be if I was born now (Caden). 

I stayed pissed off at myself for just the right amount of time: enough time to realise I needed to not do that again, at least for a bit (am human). I reduced how much I go online rapidly for about a week and have since then, pretty much, gone by these guidelines:

- Don't check the internet first thing in the morning (eat breakfast with no distractions, write in notebook before going online)
- Don't check it last thing at night (most nights have a 'cut off' around 6pm) 
- Be more mindful of social media use throughout the day (just gerroff it, luv)

It's not the first time I've curbed my use of FB etc, and I feel like a bit of a fool for even having / needing these 'rules', but I console myself with the thought that we are living in an era no one expected (there was that one guy though, wasn't there, he knew it was coming), we're overloaded with information, connections, opportunities all just a click away. My brain hasn't adapted yet. And I'm just really nosey.


Edward said...

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Teresa Stenson said...

What is your favourite part about it, Edward?