Thursday, 9 October 2014

just so you know,

I am still here.

The past month or so has seen work life speed up and writing life slow down. 

I've felt disconnected from the writing side of myself so to balance things out I had a pull to revisiting some non-fiction. It's done the trick. I feel connected again. Once a diarist always a diarist?

This particular bit of writing started out as a letter for The Letters Page. They didn't accept it for publication, but I see why now. It was quite rushed, I had more to say than I could in 500 words. The version I've written this week is twice that. 

So, a good experience.

But writing about real life opens the door to the old inner critic. She wants to know why I'm writing this. What I'm going to do with it. Because it's quite personal, you know. Are you going to put it in your blog? Might do. Why would you do that? Attention seeker. No, not that exactly. To communicate. To share. Share what a weirdo you were when you were eight? What if (insert person who might judge you negatively) reads it? Well so what. I'm not that bothered about what that person thinks. Aren't you? Why you thinking about it then? Seriously, fuck off now. You're such a drain. 


I will likely share the letter with you in the next few days. Check back soon.


Rachel Fenton said...

Seriously well done for telling the inner critic to hop it. I'm looking forward to reading the letter, from what I know of it so far: 1000 words long, personal, about you when you were eight; it sounds supremely intriguing.

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, Rachel. Yeah I got her told.

I'll post it soon, just need to do some name-changin ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I need to borrow you to deal with my inner critic! Also looking forward to reading your piece.

Teresa Stenson said...

Oh Upchurch - sorry to leave you hanging - I didn't get a notification for this! Tsk. Thank you. (Letter just published here now.)

Yeah just send her / him / it crit round here and I'll give 'em a talking to.