Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It's been a while, and in that while -

In no particular order, some of the things that have been happening:

- I submitted my mini-book idea about working in customer service to indie publishers MIEL Books and got a rejection 10 days later. Oh well, better than waiting months and months

- I have said the phrase 'I live in an attic' far too many times to complete strangers

- I've been working on a story that's been festering away in me for years, and when it's finished I'm sending it to the Costa Prize (closes Aug 2nd)

- I've been working various shift patterns at my bar job and trying to get some kind of routine for writing around that, with a little bit of success but also a fair bit of tiredness

- I started watching season 7 of Dexter and season 3 of The Walking Dead and both are brilliant

- I read 'Room' by Emma Donoghue and got what all the fuss is about, loved it

- I used the word 'season' twice when I should have said 'series'

- My wardrobe/closet rail collapsed and it sent me funny

- I've been enjoying my friend Anna's new blog - it's honest and funny, like she is

- I sent a short piece of memoir writing to the Lightship Awards, it's probably the most personal thing I've ever submitted

- I've watched loads of Italian horror films from the 70s

- I dreamt that Jack Bauer was coming round for tea

- I also dreamt that I had a race with Steve Coogan, and I won

So you can see I've just been busy busy busy, especially in my sleep.


Rachel Fenton said...

I'm a firm believer in the as yet unpublished theory of everything you didn't know about sleep and had yet to think to ask, that sleep is the most important kind of busy there is. I wake up knackered every morning, so I figure I must be doing something right.

Toes and fingers crossing - very best of luck with Costa - it's one thing I can't enter and wish I could. Therefore, you have to win and give me vicarious victory!

Sorry you got a no from MIEL, this time. Keep going back - I take no as a polite yet confused invitation to keep bombarding them with subs. It sometimes works! And sometimes restraining orders ensue, but moving on with the positives....

I feel good vibes about your memoir piece - bravery is usually rewarded - be brave, Teresa - BE BRAVE - and a world of sparkly baubles in an array of glitters to choose from shall open up for you to, erm, well, you could step into it, or dangle on a tree...choose own ending here. xx

Teresa Stenson said...

Hello Rachel, lovely nutty Rachel.

I can't wait for your sleep theorem to be published, I wonder what you'll call it... Thank you for the good luck and crossings for Costa. It's a shame it's not international, tut.

I can't really bombard MIEL because they only accept MS in June, but maybe they're just saying that, as like, a test, and really they WANT me to keep emailing them with the same idea over and over because that shows dedication and commitment which are very important qualities for writers. Okay, I'll do it!

I love your "be brave, Teresa - BE BRAVE" and have said it to myself a few times since you left this comment - thank you. It's a very good reminder to right the things that matter, that you feel connected to. And also I want to step into that sparkly (blue) bauble. xx

Teresa Stenson said...

Eeek just noticed that typo: 'right the things that matter' - ooof, really, Teresa. Oof.

Rachel Fenton said...

:) Righting the writing!

But do "right the things that matter" when and where you can, and write what matters to you. It all made sense to me.

Teresa Stenson said...

Ha, Yes - I noticed that other meaning too - should put it on a t-shirt, eh?