Tuesday, 7 August 2012

in the middle of the night

you wake up and think of a thing that someone you know did the other day that you didn't like and it's really got your goat. Whatever your goat is it has been got. Thing is, you need to be up early tomorrow (today) so you could have done with staying asleep and you could have done with keeping hold of your goat.

when the thing happened that you didn't like you said your opinions out loud so that's something.

after the thing happened you felt such dislike for the person that did it that you had to keep some part of your body moving to deal with it. You tapped your foot. You drummed a finger against that space between your top lip and your nose. Your breathed in and out noisily while you did these things.

a few days later you woke up in the middle of the night and laid a while adding to the dossier in your head about all the aspects of the thing you didn't like until you thought it best you just got up, made some tea and toast, and opened the internet.

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