Tuesday, 23 August 2011

"Oh hey so I love you! Oh, no, I just sicked it up."

Maybe the strangest title I've used so far for a short story. But I like it.

A while ago I wrote about my experience of taking part in The Art House Co-op Fiction Project back in April/May. Today I got a notification to say the notebook I submitted has been digitized and is now available to read online.

Oh hey so I love you! Oh, no, I just sicked it up is a light-hearted story about being young and being dumped. It's semi-auto-biographical, based on a long-ago experience of breaking up with my first boyfriend when I was 17. I didn't set out to write that story, but it grew as I made notes for the chosen theme of my notebook (Inside/Outside) as that age-old line came into my head: 'I love you, I'm just not in love with you.'

So we fall in love, we fall out of love, and the poor buggers who stay consistently in love sometimes get dumped. And sometimes they do ridiculous things after they've been dumped, like decide it hasn't really happened just so they don't have to think about it for a bit. Then they face it again, and like any bad experience, it feels too big, too impossible to deal with. Then, a spark of light might show, and it will probably sod off again fairly quickly but it was there, and it will come back, and it will join up with other bits of light to make you feel better.

This is the first page, click here to read the rest (a further 27 pages).


Rachel Fenton said...

That is likely the coolest thing in a moleskin that can be read and which does not eat worms.

Particularly fond of the line: what he needs is "something that gives him an air of new-ness".

And you wrote it.

I might join the sketchbook project - got to wangle $25 off someone first, though...it's exceedingly mint.

Teresa Stenson said...

Thank you so much, Rachel, I'm very glad you like it and think it cool. It was a very fulfilling experience, the whole process, and I can recommend it.

But yep - it's a pricey project, esp when you factor in the extra $20 to have it put online. You could replicate the project in a DIY way, just get a notebook and fill it any way you choose and then photograph and publish it online yourself - you'd get the experience of making something in a different way but it wouldn't get to go on tour or live in Brooklyn Art Library.

But you could take it around your locality, hide it in your neighbourhood library and wait behind a shelf until someone picks it up then shout 'I WROTE THAT!' at them...?

Yeah, that'd be fun.