Thursday, 7 July 2011

This week:

- I'm trying NOT to keep thinking how ace it would be to win one of the writing competitions I'm entered into (see sidebar)
- So with that I'm working on NOT checking my emails every 3-4 minutes
- And instead I'm working on writing new things / editing old things / seeking new places to sub to
- Trying to look after myself a bit better in general
- Ties in nicely with a free invitation to a health spa from my friend Anna. As well as eating cake while wearing a dressing gown I'm also going to have a reiki session - something I've been tempted by for a while, and I'm TOTALLY ready for my chakras to be balanced
- I have a penchant for capital letters
- I see that is a bit teenage
- I've finally started watching the BBC's adaptation of 'Case Histories' and have subsequently fallen in love with Jasan Isaacs
- I see that is a bit teenage


Rachel Fenton said...

Cake and reiki = caki - very nice.
My husband's a certified reiki-giving dude. I prefer cake, personally....
to the reiki, that is...

Best of luck with those comps - I am not submitting this year - there's a mouse crying in the fridge and my lap top is emitting smoke and sparks....

Teresa Stenson said...

Ha, sounds interesting round your way, Rachel.