Thursday, 17 March 2011

oh look it looks so new!

So I've just spent a bit of time making the blog look new, and then I've added links to some old stuff - up there - those 'tabs' that say 'But in the voice (short film)' and 'Ball Wall' - take a look if you like if you will...

'But in the voice' is a short film based on a story I wrote a few years ago and features a spider and the voice of Peter O'Toole*, and me.

'Ball Wall' is one of the first very short stories I wrote and felt good about writing. Both stories appeared in hum-drum Magazine 2007-2008.

I just thought it'd be nice to have them here on my blogsite.

But looking forwards...

I haven't been blogging so much but I have been writing. My picture book / illustrated book / I-don't-want-to-categorise-you-yet-book is developing and I can feel myself getting closer to putting the bottle of Sancerre Mario bought for me at Christmas in the fridge ready for the 'I've written something longer than a short story!' moment which is its purpose.

Resisting the urge to start looking at agents/publishers until it's written. Blocking out the usual cries of advice to 'know your market!' - going with the flow and writing it first.

*voice of Peter O'Toole done brilliantly by me friend and movie maker Miles Watts


Dan Purdue said...

Nice fresh new look to your blog, Teresa. Also, it's good to see "But in the Voice" again - it's a great idea and that little excited smile you do before failing to write anything is superb.

Also enjoyed "Ball Wall" - I hadn't read that before.

Nice one.

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, Dan. I like the white. Glad you're happy to see 'But in the voice', I'm proud of it on the whole, that we made it in an afternoon, but I feel a bit self conscious about putting it here as well, maybe because it's so old.

My favourite written-for hum-drum Magazine story isn't here, just realised, I should add that one too. Then I'll stop harking back to the past.

essygie said...

love the new look; the book sounds fun, so I hope you're having fun writing it :-)