Saturday, 19 June 2010

just had

a really good writing session. Same happened yesterday too. In a few snatched hours I've reworked and redrafted 3 'already written almost forgotten about' stories and added some words onto a WIP I'm pretty excited about.

This hardly ever happens to me. This level of productivity feels about right. I never feel 'about right' (with writing). I even sang a weird medley of celebration songs just now.

The medley included the theme tune to this ace TV show I used to watch with my Nana and Grandad when I stayed at their house on Friday nights when I was about 8. I recommend everyone finishes off a good writing session by singing this song.


Rachel Fenton said...

Ha - I loved that show! "picture this pussycat, Sicily, nineteen twenty three..."

Brilliantly written lines andd gags!

Well done - you "sound" so happy - it's infectious. Hope your writing epidemic continues! Brilliant stuff :)

essygie said...

Cool - long may your creative streak continue! I know how it goes, when the writing goes well, all's right with the world

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, guys. You're so right, Essygie - all the doom of Not Writing lifts and is forgotten as soon as the words come again. I think I know a few things that have helped, and I'll blog about that in a few minutes.