Monday, 31 May 2010

if you have a spare 6 minutes

you should listen to this story by Aimee Bender. It's great, and she reads it so well with her cool American accent.

The Meeting.

Thanks to Nik Perring for this. I've read about Aimee Bender on Nik's blog before, because her stories proved to be a bit of a light bulb moment for him. Now I see why.

Have a listen, what do you think?


Too Much Information said...

Hi Teresa - I can't see your email address as I don't use Outlook, but I'm a poet in the NW and just started up the Bugged project which you may have heard of. Have a look at and - and drop me a line on if you'd like some words?

Rachel Fenton said...

I thought I was listening to Margaret Atwood!

Luckily I like her, too :)

I like this, though it annoyed me a tad initially, I thought it built really well and I was sad when it ended but it was the best place for it to end so I was pleased too.

Rachel Fenton said...

That all sounds like I don't like her stuff which isn't true at all...really dig her and her web site is ace.

Teresa Stenson said...

Jo and Rachel - so sorry to have left your comments hanging for so long - hope my latest post is an indicator that my head has been elsewhere.

Jo - I'll take a look at that right now. Thank you :)

Rachel - yeah, I like her website too. I just loved the ending of that story actually, I couldn't stop thinking about her spine. Hope you're well, T.

Rachel Fenton said...

Just listened the story again and it made me cry this time...very strange.

Yes, I'm well. Hope you are, too :)