Wednesday, 27 January 2010

a few hours left

til the deadline of the 100 Stories for Haiti Project - send a short story of up to 1000 words, with 'hope' at its centre. 100 will be selected for publication, profits to be donated to the Haiti disaster fund. See here for full details.

I felt a little surprised when I looked over my 'completed but unpublished' folder - I can't really say that 'hope' features in any of the stories I've written. Which is odd because I don't consider myself to write about people or situations that are, erm, without hope. Maybe it's just because it's clearly stated in the guidelines, though obvious why, it's still an unusual thing to look for in your writing. Or just something I personally haven't thought about being or not being in my work.

I reworked a very short story that felt as close to the brief as I could get without feeling too unlike me. I'm not sure it's what they're looking for but I'm glad to have subbed the first piece of work I've subbed in a while there.

Good luck to anyone else entering.


Sarah said...

Good luck! I submitted something after reading your post so thank you.

Rachel Fenton said...

I had much the same realisation when I looked through my work - must make a point of writing something cheery...then again, the stories tend to tell themselves to me, I'm not sure I can deliberately set out to write "hope"....really glad to hear you've ssubmitted something though.

Teresa Stenson said...

Sarah - brilliant - wishing you lots of luck too :)

Rachel - yeah, I found a half written bit of something that wasn't 'hope-less', but still, I can't say it's 'hope-ful', and expanded it. It's probably just a bit quirky. We'll see anyway, I mean if there are 100 stories they'll need a bit of ebb and flow so they might make some varied choices.

Anonymous said...
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