Friday, 4 September 2009

Thinking and flaking

A reason or two for not posting much here in the last 2 weeks:

I haven't had any rejections

But let's not get excited - I haven't had any acceptances

'Life' has been a bit bigger

I've been thinking quite a lot (well done, Tree!) about various story and project ideas, sort of mulling over things.

The transistion between summer and autumn is distracting

Hmm, yeah. Definitely in a pondering place. A flaky place.


claires inner world said...

I totally get where you're at. I always feel the same at this time of year. I haven't been posting much either in the last month or so.
Hope your pondering goes well!

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Claire,

Well, the pondering mood seems to be dwindling and subsiding now into a productive mood, so we'll see... I think the thinking is good for us. Just need to balance it out with the 'doing' too.

Miles said...

Autumn is a strange and wonderful time of year but it doesn't half play havoc with one's brain. I have begun to believe totally in Seasonal Affective Disorder, although I wonder if it's work and project related and not just the changing of the seasons. Discuss.

Teresa Stenson said...

I get excited with the turn of each season. I love autumn. Maybe I love autumn the most. But then, spring... I love spring. I probably like winter the least, because Christmas is a pile of poo. Summer is so passe right now.

Miles said...

Yeah, summer is all about hen parties and balding drunken red-faced Yorkshiremen in shirts. Rubbish.

I love autumn the most because everyone fucks off back to work and the season arrives like a distinguished, rosy-cheeked and dapper guest bearing cakes and tea, and offers intelligent and inspiring conversation to counter the leering, stupid shallowness of the summer.

Yes. All that.

Teresa Stenson said...

Love your definition of autumn :)