Monday, 7 October 2013

Things Found and Made - by Mario Gregoriou

Witness the rejection of hierarchies!
Smell the equality of expression!
Taste the freedom to question!

Mario Gregoriou's exhibition
in the upstairs gallery of City Screen, York
until Sunday October 13th

If you go there, you will find:

subliminal meanings within The Goonies
lost linguistics
the Wicker Man face off
fringe science that challenges norms and meat sweats 
what Kojak really smelt between his fingers on that fateful day 

If you go there, you will hear (from the speakers above you):

the music of Dunmada - songs and sounds from industrial rooftops, vocals that fly

If you go there, you will sit before a TV/DVD combi, and it will play:

a David Bowie rarity - the moment he fused China Girl with the theme tune from Steptoe and Son
'Tight Jeans' - the trailblazin tune from hip hop's very own Pussy Coal
the time Kings of Leon dueted with the Medulla Oblongata
audio clip of exchange between (sexy) Mother Hubbard and hungry dogs at dinnertime 

If you cannot go there, you can look at these photos

and you can have a go on this footage 

that David Bowie rarity - China Girl/Steptoe mash up

that (sexy) Mother Hubbard singin' with dogs at dinnertime

that duet with Kings of Leon and the Medulla Oblongata

For more information:
Click here to listen to the sounds of Dunmada

And finally
here we have the artist on the right, and this writer on the left

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