Thursday, 10 January 2013

Project get off the internet and let the ideas take shape

Without getting heavy on the details (I've only got a few minutes of my daily internet allowance left) I wanted to say that my plan is going well (scroll down to previous post - only use the internet for an hour per day, only write with a pen and paper). I've found myself doing things I don't usually do - small things really, like reading in the daytime - but things that are contributing, I think, to a more peaceful mind - which is opening up and letting ideas take shape.

Today is my first day off work since trying this out. I just got back from a writing session WITHOUT my computer and it was really good. The first time I've done that in ages. I made notes and when it wasn't flowing I looked out of the window at the busy street and the people, or I picked up my book and read for a while. Usually I'd connect to the internet and read all of Twitter.

I left the coffee shop and actually did a little song in the street. Just to myself, you understand. It was 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. I have no idea why.

I'll be back here in a few days to tell you how the whole week has gone. It hasn't all been singing Bonnie Tyler in the street but it's been pretty good.

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