Thursday, 22 September 2011

Early Sign Of Wanting To Be A Writer, Number One

"Dad, I want to be a writer."

"Okay, Teresa, good idea. Why not start by writing to the letters' page of the local paper?"

"Really? And say what?"

"Well, they've just reduced the size from A3 to A4, you could comment on that."

"I could! Afterall, it is more efficient. Anything else?"

"How about writing what you like about the paper?"

"Good idea! Afterall, it is informative and gives me a good idea of what is going on in Armthorpe. Thanks, Dad."

"You're welcome."

I found this in my box of diaries. It's slightly embarassing, the tone is so serious, the letter fairly pointless. But I do remember that conversation with my Dad, his suggestion of writing to the paper and a few pointers on what to say. I didn't get too far though, did I? That list dried right up.


Miles said...

I love you, tree.

Miles said...

I also love you, Tree. Sorry, I was looking out my window when I first commented. That really is a nice tree...

Anonymous said...

Love it! We all start somewhere...

Dan Purdue said...

I love the phrase "I have wrote". I wish I'd called my blog that.

I think the basic problem with your list is that you rolled everything you wanted to say about the paper into point #1. I think you should have held back a bit, kept your powder dry so that your list kicked off with:

1. It is informative.

... and then hit 'em with:

2. It gives you a good idea of what is going on in Armthorpe.

That way you'd have felt like you had some momentum behind your list-making, and it might even have led to a third point.

Or maybe not. Still, good effort. Perhaps if you'd sent the letter you'd be editing that paper nowadays.

Teresa Stenson said...

Aw Millsy, I love you an all like.

Thanks, Nik.

Dan - I have actually just done a LOL at the idea of splitting the list up. 'tis genius. I totes need a time machine now. And yeah, on arriving back to 2011 I would be editing The Village Print. Totes.

Rachel Fenton said...

I think your list is magnificent - I probably have based my career plan on far fewer points spread out - I'll go back to the drawing board and aspire to be eleven again.

Incidentally, your handwriting was awesome for eleven - what happened there?

Anonymous said...

THAT is a BRILLIANT list. It does the job.

Teresa Stenson said...

Rachel - sorry - I left your comment hanging there for far too long! I can tell I was really trying with that hand-writing, using my school ink pen as well. About a year or 2 before then a teacher had made me and another girl stand up in class because our writing was terrible - the other girl had transferred from another school but there was 'no excuse!' for my terrible hand. Maybe that made me go for gold in neatness thereafter. She should see it now... eeek.

Martha - myself, and my list, thank you.

Rachel Fenton said...

:) My handwriting is abysmal - starts of really nice but that just makes it worse when it deviates off into broken legged spider post inkwell....

What you been up to?