Friday, 29 April 2011

age, lambs

I have passed into a new decade: I'm 30.

Aagh, eeugh, oooh. It's not that different. Is it? It is a bit.

I've been ready for it, I have to say. I've seen it coming. Been flexing myself. Facing it.

It's funny, I can feel old in some areas of my life like my day job: surrounded by students; my weekend job: mostly working with 20-somethings. But then I go to the shop for a bottle of wine and get asked for ID, or I'm at a writing event and people say - 'You're young to be a writer'.


I know that when I was younger, I imagined a different 30 year old. She was definitely in control and totally sure of who she was and she probably had everything she'd need in life by then because she's 30 - i.e. she is OLD.

But it's not like that, is it? Does anyone ever feel they have it all sussed, feel totally in control, totally sure of everything they do? If they do, do I believe them? If I believe them, how interesting will they be after a few minutes? (Harsh?)

I know that I am grateful for what I have and where I am. Counteract any doubts with thankfulness. Be happy with now (because really - what else is there?).

So they are just some thoughts that happened when I crossed a decade.

Other stuff...


I worked to be at peace with 'the now' while on holiday - because it was so beautiful, so good to be away from things, with Mario, that on Day One I felt some kind of panic about leaving in 4 days! How ridiculous.

I'll share a few photos, and I'll end with some video footage of lambs. It's lambing season - and I must own up to loving all kinds of lamb, esp Souvlaki, before you think me a veggie, but I especially get excited by little (live) lambs. These photos will conclude with a video of some frolicking lambs.

I call it (imagine how thrilled I was to think up this play on words): 'Lamb-cam: Lamb-pede'.

Photos first.

Our cabin

Had a veranda (we live in a flat and I long for outside-ness) where we ate breakfast, drank tea, coffee, wine...

Where I had a sit and writ

We did lotsa walking

and climbing over stiles

and lamb-looking

Ready for Lamb-cam: Lamb-pede?


Rachel Fenton said...

Love the lamb footage (footage/hoofage?)..proper little whippets - whoosh, about turn, zoom!

I'm 35, it's not so scary after a couple of years, though the crow's feet come in faster than those lambs!

Be kind to yourself.

Teresa Stenson said...

Hoofage - brilliant. Thanks, Rachel. 'Be kind to yourself' - simple but useful advice!