life story writing & editing services

In my day job I run Your Life Story: a writing and editing service for people who would like to write and publish their life story.

Here's an extract from the website to tell you a little more. 


Autobiography writing is no longer a pursuit limited to the rich and famous; ordinary, everyday people are
appreciating and experiencing the benefits of getting their memories down on paper.
This empowering process enables life story writers to connect both with their past and to those who matter to them today, and
by preserving their story they are connecting with generations to come. But not everyone has the time, the energy or the skills to take their memories and make them work on the page.



As your personal life story writer, I will interview you over a number of months
and transform these interviews into the written chapters of your book, and you'll be involved every step of the way.
The final product is a beautiful bound book - Your Life Story. 
 I also offer an editing service for those who have written (or are in the process of writing)
their life story themselves, and I also work with people to create legacy letters : a letter to your family which captures
the very essence of who you are and your beliefs. 


If you'd like to know more you can contact me via the website, or you can email me directly:

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