Thursday, 10 August 2017

A WHIRLWIND ROMANCE (and one of my first short stories): Quotes From My Teenage Diaries Part 14

July 1994. 
I'm 13 years old and desperate for a boyfriend. I don't have one in real life so I do what any self respecting aspirational writer would do and I create one. 
Sort of like in the film Weird Science, but Carl (yes, I called him Carl) only existed in my mind and the pages of my diary. 

The story so far: Carl is American, and is spending the summer in the UK with his relatives who are also my next door neighbours (handy). One afternoon I spot him sunbathing in their back garden and am immediately drawn in by his hair: brown, wavy, and cut in curtains. 
I must speak to him! I take a ball outside with the intention of chucking it over the fence to get his attention. But I don't have to. Carl sees me and we start chatting. This is the beginning of what can only be described as a WHIRLWIND romance. I mean, it gets INTENSE. In that very same afternoon we go to the beach (it's set in Doncaster), have a picnic, go for a swim and go to an amusement park (also in Doncaster). Somewhere between the swim and the amusement park, this happens. 


"His eyes looked deep into mine, past the iris, the nerves and the retina, deep, deep into my soul. He knew what I was thinking. 

He sat up and looked in front. 
I sat up too. 
He looked at me once again. This time with an uncertainty. Shall I kiss her? That was his question in his mind. 
Yes, do, please! I yelled at him from my eyes." 

To be continued...


Quotes From My Teenage Diaries is an ongoing project as I re-read and reflect 
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