Thursday, 13 July 2017

Neighbours: Quotes From My Teenage Diaries Part 13

There was another book. And I also loved this book when I was 8, 9, 10... 

If you were at school in the late 80s to early 90s then YOU KNOW how popular Neighbours was and YOU KNOW what a treasure this book would have been to me. The amazing thing about it (apart from the subject matter, the cover stars, the colour photos) was that it was sent to me by my Aunt and Uncle in Australia. This wasn't some UK sourced unofficial Christmas annual from Woolworths - oh no! This was a potent, real, gen-you-eye-n artefact from the other side of the world and I absolutely adored it.

However. This book has a chequered past. When I was 9 or 10, it went missing. I searched high and low, couldn't find it anywhere. I was so upset. It literally dispappeared from my bedroom - there one day, not there the next. I hadn't misplaced it. I knew I hadn't misplaced it. There were a handful of friends who'd been in my bedroom the day it disappeared, and I knew one of them must have taken it. I just didn't know which one. I asked each of them, all denied it. My mum even went to speak to the other mums, just in case one of the girls had 'accidentally' picked it up. Allegedly, none of them had. 

A year or so passed. I was certain I'd never see the book again. And then... this is a little hazy - but what I recall is one of my friends told me she'd spotted it at another girl's house. Mum went to investigate. I was so nervous and excited while I waited for her to return. And when she did - she returned with the book. JOY, total joy. Best reunion evah. 

It had indeed been found in this girl's bedroom. She'd bare-faced lied to my bereft face when I'd asked her about it! But, well, she must have really wanted it and I can't really blame her for that - it was the most special and important book since ... Trev and Simon's Stupid Book.

Still get chills when I remember Scott and Charlene's wedding day. Mullets a-go-go. 


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Rachel Fenton said...

The audacity of the book thief! Glad you got reunited. Except that Guy Pierce pic makes me doubt my sincerity. I recently got parted from a fave cd by a friend who claims she never borrowed it. I'm a sentimental sausage and it grieves me to have to leave it or confront this person - and how petty does that make me seem? I'm not a teenager, see. If only I could chalk this one up to the diary of yore.

Teresa Stenson said...

Aaagh sorry for taking so long to respond, Rae. Sentimental sausage! I do love that.

But hm, ok, that's a tricky one, especially if you know that you lent it to her (btw, it's only in recent years I've got the hang of the old lend/borrow distinction, thanks Yorkshire for keeping me in the dark about THAT ONE for so long!)

What will you do? You could say something like, "You know, it's the strangest thing, I have such a strong memory of lending that CD to you... is there any chance you've just forgotten you have it? Would you mind checking for me?"

or something...

Or just send your mum round? :-) Good luck