Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Quotes From My Teenage Diaries: Part 6: Mark Owen

Its 1993, I’m 12 years old and I’m expressing myself visually. I’d like to make a few main points about this ‘piece’, but do spend a moment just taking it in as it stands before I, the artist, give my commentary. 

Where to start? 

  • Ok. The balloon. Shaped like a love heart. With a face. With a loose perm. Wearing a bow tie. There is also a bow in her / its hair which matches the bow tie on its neck - a nice detail. The balloon is speaking. It is saying: "Teresa 4 Mark Owen 4.E.T.G.F.D.T.C.” I’ve used these initials elsewhere in the diary and can reveal they mean "forever together for days to come.” I can also reveal that this was a LIE. Well, let's be kind - it was an untruth full of hope.
  • The self portrait. Apparently that’s me holding the balloon. With saucers for hands and feet and - well - how can I describe that hair? It’s a bit Marge Simpson. (In reality my hair at this age was more like the balloon’s.) 
  • The signatures just underneath the artwork are both mine. I don’t know why I signed it twice but I had a tendency to sign everything anyway - because that made it even more true and real and a fact, obviously. 
  • The ‘code' at the bottom about Take That: why did I devise a ‘code’ (I’m using the term loosely) and then translate it just below? BUT, actually - I haven’t translated it all - there are more letters after the word ‘sexy’: B.M.E.A.G.I.L.Q.G. What does it mean??? I have no idea. I left no clues. 
  • I see Phil (lip Schofield) gets a mention up at the top of the page so he must have still have been on my mind (and heart). Just not the balloon’s. The balloon is only making announcements about me and Mark Owen.


Quotes From My Teenage Diaries is an ongoing project as I re-read and reflect 
on the diaries I kept from the age of 11 to 16. 

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