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Quotes From My Teenage Diaries: Part 2 - CONGRATULATIONS

May 1992

I am still eleven years old. I've told my dad that I want to be a writer, and he has suggested I write to the letters' page of our local paper, The Village Print. 
What a great idea! I think.
But... what to write?

I know - I’ll congratulate them in my bestest most beautiful font. I’ll say the paper is informative and not just informative but THE MOST informative magazine about Armthorpe I’ve ever seen! (I’ve only seen this one). 
I’ll say the paper is the best. No - great. No! Glorious. Yes that’s a good word. No, it’s not working. I’ll try to compare it to something. “Its as…” 
Nope. Draw a line under it and start again.
Right. I’ll write "CONGRATULATIONS” again but not in my best font this time. Forget "informative" - this paper is superb! So superb I’ll write a poem about it. 
No. Nothing’s coming.


About as successful as previous drafts

Pretty sure I gave up after that.

My thoughts as I read these letters now:

- I really like that I can see my thought process with all the crossings out (even though I am essentially sucking up to the paper's editor to try to get published) 
- It's sort of like being a writer now - not the sucking up of course - but the way how sometimes you can have an idea and be pretty excited about it and then when you try to write it out it totally deflates before your very eyes
- Also the fancy font for 'CONGRATULATIONS' was a very early procrastination technique, I think
- The fact I did fancy font for that word, making it sound like a Royal announcement, is maybe my favourite part


Quotes From My Teenage Diaries is an ongoing project as I re-read and reflect on the diaries I kept from the age of 11 to 16. You can read Part 1: BEST FRIENDS here. There's a Facebook page here and soon - I hope - there will be a podcast. If you enjoyed this or can relate in any way - please do leave a comment or say hi on Facebook - it'd be lovely to hear from you.

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